Clothing care

Clothing care – is the basis of good appearance and long use of your favorite outfits. This rule applies to everything and favorite clothes are no exception. Whatever the quality of the material and cut, you can say goodbye to clothes if you treat it without basic rules of caring and usage of clothes.


Basic rules for the care of DARI CO’s clothing

  • Before washing, clothes should be cleaned with a roller for clothes cleaning.
  • When setting the mode and temperature of the wash, always follow the instructions and pay attention to the icons indicated on the label – the manufacturer is interested in using the thing for a long time and being satisfied with its qualities.
  • Before washing, sort things by color, and also fasten all buttons and zippers.
  • It is better to wash clothes from dense and dyed cotton or with metal or plastic fittings separately and turned out in order to avoid damage to the washing machine and damage to the clothing and accessories.



Care for women's clothing made of cotton has pretty simple rules. White cotton clothes can be washed at high temperatures, and colored ones - only at 30-40 ° С. Before washing, colored cotton things are turned inside out. It is better to dry things from such material on hangers so that the trace of the rope does not remain on the already dry fabric.



It is better to wash delicate thin fabrics from cotton, silk, flax and viscose withliquid products, do not rub or unscrew them, manually or in a delicate mode of washing in a washing machine. Dry them in a natural way, leaving them in a horizontal position on the dryer - this method is best, with this method the clothing retains its shape. To make it easier to remember the rules of care for products from thin fabrics, here is an analogy: Imagine that clothing is your second skin. Do not do with it anything that it can not stand - it will be painful.



Now a few words about the care of women's clothing from the DARI CO brand. Our clothes are made of fabrics that require attention and care when washing. We describe all the important rules for the care of each type of women's DARI CO clothing below.



Since the Dari Co bodysuit is made from certified cotton with a slight addition of elastane, you need to use fabric softeners when washing, so you keep the fabric structure and appearance of the product. Before you load the body into the drum, the body must be turned inside out. For washing the delicate mode is suitable at a temperature of 30 ° C. Before ironing things, it must be turned inside out. Ironing is possible at temperatures below 150 ° C.

IMPORTANT! Dari Co’s body can not be bleached. Most bleaches can burn through delicate fabrics, or “dry” things well and you will not return their former elasticity to them. Be careful with bleach and take care of your clothes!



Dari Co’s tunics are made from even more delicate material than body. They can only be washed by hand or on a delicate mode in a washing machine at a temperature of 30 ° C.

You can iron, but at first put gauze fabric on clothing. Ironing temperature to be set on the iron to 100 ° C no more.

IMPORTANT! Tunics can not be rubbed or twisted. Since the fabric is very thin, any sharp or rough movements should be avoided because it can damage its structure and integrity. Do not use bleaches.



IMPORTANT! Do not rub swimwear, do not unscrew, do not use chemical methods of cleaning and bleaching.

After bathing, thoroughly rinse the swimsuit with running water so that sea salt or chlorine does not remain in the fabric. Wash only manual - the most careful and relevant option. Drying swimsuits with straps is only needed in a horizontal position, but Lifeguard swimsuits can be dried on a hanger. The same can be done with Amelie swimsuit and other piecework and separate swimsuits without thin straps.

IMPORTANT! Universal cups can be inserted into all models of our swimsuits. If they are installed in your bathing suit, before washing, they should be carefully pulled out through small incisions in the chest area on the inside of the bathing suit. Cups should also be rinsed - the porous structure of the material can be filled with water with sea salt or chlorine, and therefore it is worth washing them thoroughly. Before drying, you can gently squeeze them with your palms, but not twist.


Products made of viscose must be washed by hand, at temperatures up to 30 ° C. You can also put washing on delicate / manual modes, but run them without spinning. For washing it is better to use a special powder for delicate and fine fabrics. Squeezing and stretching such a fabric is extremely undesirable: the maximum that you can do is to wrap the thing in a towel or a sheet, roll a roll out of it and lightly squeeze it. Drying near the heaters is prohibited - only natural drying. Ironing is better from the seamy side.


To keep a delicate nap, turn out the clothing on the front side before washing. Wash at a temperature of 30 ° -40 ° C in modes that are suitable for cotton products. The material is not afraid of a large number of turns, because you can squeeze directly in the washing machine. Dry only in natural conditions, protect things from drying out under direct ultraviolet rays.