About Brand

Ukrainian clothing brand


The DARI CO brand offers high-quality, comfortable and affordable basics that have a practical design, fit perfectly into your wardrobe and last for many seasons.

The brand was created to inspire women in everyday affairs, to increase confidence and faith in their own strength, to nurture love and care for themselves.

Our values:

• quality and availability

• comfort and practicality

• versatility and multi-seasonality

• high functionality

• inspiration and increased self-confidence

In our collections, we use classic colors such as black, white, beige and red. They are neutral, universal, and easily combined. In addition, we use other shades that are slightly different from the traditional, but still create a classic elegance, such as emerald, blood red, soft pink, soft blue or dark ultramarine.

Made in Ukraine!
Daria Avramenko,
founder of DARI CO

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