Free return within 14 days

Worried about the wrong size? No problem! If you don't like something, we will exchange or refund your money.

If the size does not suit you or the quality of the product does not suit you, just let us know. We will exchange or refund the full cost of the item as soon as we receive it and make sure it is intact.

Return / exchange of goods of good quality is made (Article 9. Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights"):

  • if it has not been used;
  • the presentation is preserved (there are no signs of wear or operation, stains, hooks, creases and dents);
  • the integrity of labels and original packaging is preserved;
  • check saved.

What if I want to return or exchange an item?

  • Contact us by phone or write us an email.
  • Indicate your order number, reason for the exchange or return, payment method and your details for receiving funds.
  • Pack the item along with the receipt and send it to us.
  • Send us the number of the declaration of New mail.
  • After receiving and processing the return package, the funds will be returned to the client's card account within 7 banking days.
  • Important: Goods that show signs of wear and use cannot be returned.

Return shipping is paid by the customer.