Functional beach images from DARI CO

Functional beach images from DARI CO

Beach fashion is changing with every season and also picks up all the world trends. One time we begin to wear plain swimsuits, then we prefer animalistic prints. We are hunting for laconic images, then suddenly look for ultraviolet tones. It is important to understand that it is better to appreciate the quality and dedication of the brand to your own traditions, rather than say goodbye to your favorite swimsuits faster than you planned to do it.




DARI CO brand creates beautiful, and most importantly functional beach looks. The main summer collections are basic swimsuits, which are presented in three shades - white, red and black. Each product is created from high quality materials. The designer chooses accessories and decorative elements personally in order to guarantee every customer full comfort.




The basis of the brand’s summer line consists of classic swimwear models in basic colors with improved styles. In the new season, they got more geometric shapes - straight cuts appeared on the one-piece swimsuits, the cut lines on the hips have changed. In separate sets the brassiere has a triangular shape, or are gathered on the drawstring. Transformation of the image is possible, thanks to removable straps, which can be tied around the neck. The whole variety of products makes it easy to combine them with your favorite accessories, shoes or tunics.



Beach dresses are also presented in the DARI CO’s summer line. Flying and weightless fabrics, simple styles that will only add comfort on vacation. Tunics can be easily fixed at the waist with a belt, or worn without it. You can choose your favorite length of the product - either midi, slightly behind the knee, or maxi - dress to the floor.


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